Moline Consulting Psychology is an Organizational Psychology Consulting Consortium (founded in 1999) that specializes in enhancing organizational and executive excellence.  Each of the principals in the group has been consulting to senior executives for more than 15 years.  Our  mission is to bring individuals, teams and entire organizations to the highest levels of performance possible, while developing and maintaining lives of personal and professional balance.  Our domain expertise reaches the psychological, strategic, and technological elements of doing business.  Our work is focused primarily in Fortune 300 corporations at the senior officer and director levels.

Our passion is developing meaningful long-term relationships with our clients that lead to genuine transformation both personally and professionally.  We believe in a mentoring model of leadership where senior leaders take seriously the development and promotion of their best and brightest professionals.  As individuals, we are committed to lives of integrity and seek to conduct our work at the highest levels of professionalism.  In addition to our work in for-profit corporations, each of us serves the non-profit world through volunteering in organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Life Coaches mentoring program, Youth Symphony, Young Life International, Urban Homeworks, and our local School Districts.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your organization.  We invite you to speak with our clients who will be happy to share their experiences with us.  All the best!


Organizational & executive excellence consultants